Ethereum Classic: The Blockchain That Refused to Fork by Marcus R Brown at Blockchain Meetup

I’ve been co-organizing the Blockchain Meetup in Phoenix, AZ for over a year. Last night, some of our regular crew – in addition to some new members (including at least four SteemIt users including @thovre and @morpheustitania) attended to hear Marcus R Brown give a presentation on Ethereum Classic. Here’s the YouTube video.

Marcus has been a member of the Blockchain Meetup group for several months and is and a core developer for the Ethereum Classic project and maintainer of the ETC C++ client. Marcus lead a discussion about the goals and philosophy behind Ethereum Classic and what sets it apart from the Ethereum “main” chain that hard forked in July after the hack of “The DAO”. Marcus is an active member of the ETC community and is directly involved in conversations about the future direction of ETC and how best to allocate development resources.

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Bryan Gmyrek [verification post] lives in sunny Arizona with his wife, three sons, and two golden puppies. He earned a Ph.D. in physics for his work at Fermilab and also enjoys computers, nature photography and blockchains.
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What do you think about the Ethereum Classic?


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