I’m Giving a Talk on the Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Steemit at the Famous Pubcon Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I’m speaking at a famous conference called PubCon in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada next month. I want to give the best talk about blockchains and decentralized technologies that “Sin City” has ever seen!

Pubcon: The world’s leading digital marketing conferenceMy PubCon Speaker Bio

Supported by the industry’s leading businesses, exhibitors and sponsors involved in social media, Internet marketing, search engines, and online advertising, Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 will offer a week-long look at the future of technology presented by over 200 of the world’s best speakers in more than 120 provocative cutting-edge sessions. Source: http://www.pubcon.com/

The first time I attended PubCon Las Vegas was in 2004(!) Back then Microsoft was trying to launch a seach engine called “MSN Search”. That did not go too well. A lot of other things were going well in the tech space though (especailly for a startup called Google).

People from all around the world were earning money online for doing things they loved to do (or, in some cases, just selling whatever the heck they could sell – but some of them loved selling itself so that worked out).

Screenshot from the Nov 15, 2006 PubCon Session Grid. Ted, you are missed.I met people who had gone from employees to people who were earning so much online that they became millionaires, or even quit their jobs. Sound familiar blockchain fans?

So, it seemed appropriate to make a pilgramage back to that conference, in that crazy city where anything seems possible.

This might have been in New OrleansI think I’m the only crypto-nerd crazy enough to go give a talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Steemit to a bunch of interenet marketers. Crazy like a fox. These people might not have invented the internet, but they are the ones “creating” it every day.

Major keynote speakers including noted digital storytelling expert Debra Jasper, Ph.D, founder and chief executive at Mindset Digital, prominent author and top Twitter influencer Scott Stratten, founder and president at Un-Marketing, search marketing expert Bill Hunt, president at Back Azimuth Consulting, Robert Scoble, noted futurist and entrepreneur in residence at UploadVR, Gary Illyes, webmaster trends analyst at Google, digital media innovator Jim Louderback, and social media strategist Scott Monty, founder and chief executive at Scott Monty Strategies and former global head of social media at Ford Motor Company. Source: PubCon.com

The internet marketers, social media mavens, and SEO experts who regularly attend PubCon are exactly the kind of people we need in the “blockchain community”.

They know how to write, they know how to share, and they know how to MAKE STUFF HAPPEN online and succeed.

Not only that, but some attendees are from the old guard of online communities. We’re talking way back – like BBS systems run over phone lines. Yeah. But you know what? It’s all the same. It’s all communities. These people are the best of the best. Special thanks to Brett Tabke, Jeff Randall and Neil Marshall for all they’ve done to build this conference and strong internet communities.

This is what it looks like when a web community comes together. I’m somewhere near the back there. Brett Tabke, creator of WebmasterWorld.com and Pubcon.com is just behind me to my left. 

You should really check out Brett’s bio. Here’s a quote

Tabke has run community networking sites continuously since 1984. The evolution from stand-alone BBS’s to forums on the web and his commitment to community building is a logical extension for Brett.

Brett’s “26 Steps to 15k a Day” is one of the most widely read documents in SEO history. Some of the info in that post is dated, but guess what – many of those steps still apply to your website and your blog on Steemit. It’s worth your time to figure out which ones those are 😉 Some things never change.

Thanks for Reading

And stay tuned for more updates!

About the Author

Bryan Gmyrek is a full time software developer and lives in sunny Arizona with his beautiful wife, three sons and two golden puppies. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Arizona based on the particle physics research he did at the world famous DZero Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He has been online since 1993, into cryptocurrencies since 2013, won prizes at three Bitcoin hackathons, and co-organizes the highly technical Blockchain Meetup in Phoenix Arizona for over a year. Many of his videos are popular on YouTube, including his recent SteemIt technical talk. He also blogs about nature photography, dogs, national parks and hiking. Pay no attention to that Tardis. Read more in my top 50 Steemit introduceyourself post

Image credits
Images are either mine or were pulled from Pubcon.com. Since this post is promoting Pubcon I’m pretty sure this is OK.

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