Presentation: Is Blockchain Technology the Future of the Internet by Bryan Gmyrek, Ph.D.

THANK YOU for your support everyone. My talk on Steem/steemit, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Technology in general at the Pubcon conference in the Las Vegas convention center went great! People were excited about all of the blockchain technologies I I talked about. Someone even bought Bitcoin online during the presentation and told me about it later!


Check out my slides on Google.

Background Info

The ten questions and answers, and info about my talk, were even featured on the official blog.

About Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

Pubcon was created in 2000. I first attended in 2004 when Google announced AdWords and Microsoft tried to launch MSN Search, which did not go to well. I still have the t-shirt for that.

The view of the Las Vegas Strip from my hotel room in the Treasure Island. Taken the night before my talk.

The TI has really cool looking signage, no? I went to see they Mystere show – it was amazing, and strange … so I liked it a lot.

Saw this while grabbing coffee on the morning of my presentation.

In front of the convention center.


Proof of work :p

Walking the Vegas strip on Friday.

Pubcon Las Vegas 2016 — named a Forbes must-attend conference and an Inc. top conference for growing your business — features the industry’s leading businesses, start-ups, speakers, keynotes, exhibitors, and sponsors involved in social media, digital marketing, search engines, and online advertising, and will offer a week-long look at the future of technology presented by a vast array of the world’s top innovators… Source

Image credits Images were taken by the author.

About the Author

Bryan Gmyrek is a software developer and lives in Arizona with his beautiful wife, three sons and two golden dogs. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the U of Arizona based on the particle physics research he did at the world famous DZero Experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. He’s been online since 1993, into cryptocurrencies since 2013, won prizes at three Bitcoin hackathons, and has co-organized the Blockchain Meetup in Phoenix Arizona for over a year. Many of his videos are popular on YouTube. Check out my top 50 introduceyourself post.


  1. This was a great presentation Brian… Thanks so much for sharing with the Pubcon community, and I look forward to seeing you speak again!


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