Happy Holidays and an Introduction to Nexus (NXS)

This is an edited copy of an email I just sent to my blockchain newsletter. Subscribe by emailing “heck yeah” to bryangmyrekcom@gmail.com

Wanted to share with you that I was lucky enough recently to be introduced to a man named Colin Cantrell by a mutual friend.

It turns out that Colin lives right here in the Phoenix, AZ area – and he has created his own cryptocurrency over the past couple of years.

It’s called Nexus (nexusearth.com) and it’s pretty amazing. Colin is ridiculously smart and knows his stuff when it comes to blockchains. From what I’ve seen, he also places great importance on sticking as close to Satoshi’s vision as well. Colin is pro Bitcoin and hopes that eventually some of the innovations from Nexus may make it into the Bitcoin core code. But it is already working as a coin of it’s own.

Oh, Yeah , and it’s a top-100 by market cap on coinmarketcap.com – currently at #71 with a 1.237 million dollar market cap at a price of $0.027.

In my opinion, the “unique value proposition” of Nexus is that Colin is obsessed with all aspects of blockchain security and he has baked many security features into Nexus. There are many technical innovations in Nexus which promise greater security, including three mining channels, dynamic difficulty adjustment, 571 bit private keys, and 1024 bit hashes based on advanced hashing algorithms. Read more here.

Last but not least, Colin has deep connections with a rocket company (Jim Cantrell, his Dad, runs one – and used to work at SpaceX) and they plan to launch cube sats into space running Nexus. See more info about Jim’s company at Vector Space Systems.

Colin agreed to speak at our recent Blockchain Meetup at Classic Crust Pizza – check it out on YouTube here

Q&A With Nexus (NXS) Coin Creator Colin Cantrell at the Blockchain Meetup

You can read more and download a Nexus wallet at NexusEarth.com.


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